It is often said that to remain healthy, you must avoid sugary food.

But some foods are naturally sweet like dates. They are packed with goodness and are a great alternative for those sweet cravings of yours. They are also easy to carry and pair well with nuts.

Some benefits of dates are:

1. Dates are nutritious:

Dates are an excellent source of nutrition. 

As they are dried, the calorie content in dates is higher than most fresh fruit. It is similar to that of dry fruits.

Most of the calories in dates are because of carbs. Despite their calories, dates are also filled with important vitamins and minerals. 

2. Dates can be good for blood sugar balance:

Dates have a low glycemic impact that is why it helps in managing blood sugar level. You can eat six to eight dates without any tension of increasing your blood sugar.

3. High in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants

Dates provide many antioxidants that have several health benefits such as the reduced risk of certain diseases.

Antioxidants shield your cells from free radicals, which might cause harmful effects on your body and lead to illness.

Dates have the highest antioxidant content as compared to figs and dry plums.

4.Promote Brain Health:

Eating dates can help improve your brain function.

Dates to help lower inflammatory markers like interleukin 6 (IL-6), in the brain. High levels of IL-6 are connected with a higher risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

5.Natural Sweetener

Dates are a source of fructose, which is a natural kind of sugar that is found in fruit. Dates are really sweet and have a subtle caramel-like taste. They are a healthy replacement for white sugar in recipes due to the nutrients, fibre and antioxidants that they provide.

The best way to substitute dates for white sugar is to make date paste

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