Yoga originated in India. It is a very popular physical, mental and spiritual practice. The word ‘Yoga’ stems out from Sanskrit and means to unite. It symbolizes the union of the body and the mind.

International yoga day is celebrated on 21st June every year. Indian prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi initiated this which is now practised all over the Globe.

21st June is the longest day in the northern hemisphere region and holds great importance in many parts of the world. On this day the rays of the sun directly hit one of the two tropical latitude lines. The change in the sun’s relationship with the planet exhibits a notable effect on us. Hence, the Prime Minister proposed this day to be the International Yoga Day.

Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi urged for the Internation Yoga Day to help people with their well-being. The practice of Yoga has the ability to restore the entire body. Yoga is a mind-body workout including strengthening and stretching postures accompanying deep breathing techniques to relax the mind and body.

International Yoga Day intends to make people aware of the benefits of yoga. The theme for 2019 is, ‘Climate Action’.

Few benefits of yoga are:

1. Decrease Stress
Yoga helps to deal with stress and promotes relaxation. It helps reduce the secretion of cortisol, the prime stress hormone. Yoga also helps improve the quality of life and mental health.

2. Relieves Anxiety
Many people begin practising yoga as a way to cope with feelings of anxiety. Yoga postures and asanas help relieve the physical distress that is caused due to anxiety.

3. Lowers Blood Sugar
Yoga helps in lowering the level of blood sugar. It also aids in decreasing bad cholesterol and increasing the level of good sugar in the body. It is a great help For people suffering from diabetes as it promotes weight loss and increases sensitivity to the insulin effects.

4. Leads you to a Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle revolves around positive thoughts, eating good and exercising. The regular practice of yoga will help you in this by moving your body to lose calories and making you emotionally and spiritually stable. This way you can also lose weight.

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