After the bright and happy festival of Diwali follows the deadly smog every year. Smog can cause a lot of diseases and infections. To protect yourself from the high level of pollutants in the air follow these steps:

Avoid exercising outdoors when pollution levels are alarming. Avoid going out for a walk on the roads or open parks.

Avoid working out near extremely polluted areas, for example, spaces with heavy traffic.

Limit the usage of appliances at homes to not add to the already dangerous pollution.

School going kids should avoid playing in open spaces. 

It’s better to carpool instead of using one vehicle per person for travelling.

Don’t burn wood or trash. Don’t be in the area wherever this is happening.

The best time for working out is in the morning or before sunset. You should work out in closed-door gyms without an open-window facing the roads.

Along with all these precautions, a good diet is important to improve your immunity and protect you to a certain extent from the ill-effects of dense air pollution. Your diet needs to be full of nutrients and items that help detoxify, are anti-inflammatory and improve immunity. Dietary antioxidants can help protect by controlling free radical damage leading to inflammation.”

You should consume more vitamin C-rich foods like amla, guava, lemon, mausambi, oranges, etc. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant so try and include sunflower seeds, almonds, avocadoes, peanuts, bran oil, salmon, pine nuts, brazil nuts in your diet.

Food which cures cough like green tea, herbal tea (with ginger, black pepper, cloves, tulsi), turmeric milk helps in improving respiratory health. You should consume overnight-soaked almonds, walnuts, figs and munakka on an empty stomach for the keeping your immune system healthy. Drinking enough water (lukewarm is better) and keeping the body hydrated is essential. Gargle with warm water or lightly salted black tea twice daily to avoid any congestion in the throat since taking steam can sometimes cause nasal mucosa to dry.

Masks are also an important element. Although they are effective up to some extent only. Masks help in avoiding the inhalation of particular materials. Masks N95 and N99 are easily available in the markets.

Plants help in minimising air pollution. Big trees like peepal and neem are a great help in controlling the pollution; however, indoor plants are great as well when it comes to purifying the air inside your homes.

 People with respiratory problems should completely avoid outdoor games and walks. They must avoid gardens and plants since pollens might trigger an attack. They should always keep their inhalers with them and wear a mask if they can’t avoid going out.

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