One of the fanciest professional titles these days is the entrepreneur. But what makes it so fancy? Is it a tremendous amount of personal risk they take or is it the world-changing solutions they create or the independence to live life as the boss? All three seem fabulous to me, how about you?

Entrepreneurs are people who build things while living on their terms. They have a passion for solving an existing problem and then create a solution that fixes it. 

Even you might have what it take to become an entrepreneur. Read below and find out for yourself 🙂

You love to travel. 

You’ve got a hunger for adventure and travel. You have done some backpacking in the world. You love novelty, exploring new areas, meeting new people, learning new ideas and starting new businesses around the world.

You love your independence. 

You love to have your freedom of choice. The idea of having a business of your own rather than working as an employee in someone else’s business excites you more. It’s about having the freedom to shape the purpose you want to see in the world.

You are a leader. 

You readily take command as a leader in circumstances, whether it’s escorting a group of friends out for a fun night or leading your team in a game. Your leadership is the supreme essence of what makes someone an entrepreneur.

You see how things can be improved. 

Your main focus is frequently on improving and upgrading things, policies, your life. You might notice how an app can be improved so it adds more value to its users or you may notice how a recipe can be enhanced so it’s wholesomer and more delicious. Having that ability to focus on optimizing life is a great sign that you might be an entrepreneur.

You are craving for more comprehensive opportunities.

You have an intense sense for hunting down exceptional opportunities. You notice products and services that are amazing, especially those that you’ve seen during your travels that are also missing in your home city. You probably watch some media source for being aware of new ideas, concepts, products and services. Entrepreneurs love greater opportunities, especially those that grow their businesses.

You want variety. 

You desire variety and change. Entrepreneurs usually meet their need for variety and change by creating value in their life and other peoples’ lives

You want to build a legacy.

You strongly feel to build something meaningful that will help make the lives of others better and will continue to do so. Entrepreneurs are purpose-driven to generate a legacy of helping people’s lives through their products, services, and the value they bring to the world.

You start more things than you finish. 

You love growth and the adrenaline rush from taking huge steps. You often start something and ain’t even halfway through that but you already took on a new venture. This is where you would want to hire the people and teams to carry out the work for your vision that you started earlier.

If you can relate to all this then you have what it takes to be your our boss and work as an entrepreneur


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