Successful dates need some pre-date planning and preparation. First impressions really matter. To make sure it goes right, try and avoid doing a few things so that your chance for a second date is not ruined.

1. Be late
This should go without saying. No matter what, don’t be late. Punctuality is important, especially on the first date. If you show up late, it gives a message that you don’t care. So try not to be late and if required depart for the date earlier than usual.

2. Talk about your ex
The first date is not a suitable time to discuss past love. It’s best to steer clear of a discussion about your exes until the time is right. But if that is not happening and all you can think about is your ex then maybe you haven’t moved on yet. In that case, it is best to Heal your heart first, and then go back to dating new people when you are ready.

3. Exhibit bad listening skills
The first date gives you a chance to learn many new things about your potential partner. Take the time to listen and understand what they are saying. Your date shouldn’t have to repeat themselves.

4. Look sloppy
Put a little effort to look good and dress smart. If you show up looking a mess, it won’t give a good message.

5. Tell your whole life story
Keep the conversation fun and light. Do not reveal your entire life story on the first date. You might end up boring your date. And it is always better to leave something for later.

6. Forget basic etiquettes
When you are out with someone, it is very important to demonstrate good manners. You don’t have to be uptight and concerned about every little move, but you should watch your behaviour just a little closer on a first date. That means practising the basics like not chewing with your mouth open, keeping elbows off the table, and combating the urge to slurp your soup.


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