Mumbai- the city of dreams has everything for everyone. From ferry rides to wildlife, from checking out local delicacies to exploring historical forts and religious places. Be it a family vacation or a quick weekend escapade, Mumbai offers a pool of things to do. 

Some must-visit places in Mumbai are:

Marine drive

Marine Drive is the most effortlessly identifiable landmark associated with Mumbai. It is also known as the Queen’s Necklace due to its shape. It is about 3.6 km long and is in an arc-shape along the South Mumbai coast that starts at the southern end of Nariman Point and ends at Girgaum Chowpatty. The coast looks upon the Arabian sea and is the best place in Mumbai to watch the sunset and just take a stroll by the sea. 

The whole curve of the coastline is covered with beautiful palm trees and makes for a spectacular view at night. People come to walk here in the evening to experience the glorious sunset. It is also one of the places people visit late at night, and you will find peddlers selling chai and cigarettes at all hours. The sound of the waves, a view of the Mumbai skyline and the starry sky easily make Marine Drive one of the most romantic places in the town.

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is one of the most famous tourist hotspots of the city. The monument overlooks the Arabian Sea. It was built in the year 1924. The structure is a beautiful amalgamation of Indian, Arabic and Western architecture. Several ferry services start from here that go to the famous Elephanta Caves.

The structure is made of yellow basalt and solid concrete and is decorated with various Muslim and Hindu motifs. Gateway of India was a point of entry and exit to India through waterways before independence and was the exit point from where the last British ship left India for England. The view from the sea of the Gateway, particularly at night is divine. The Gateway of India is not only a historic monument but also an example of spectacular architecture.

Colaba Causeway

One of the most exciting places to visit in Mumbai is the Colaba Causeway. It is renowned for being a shopper’s paradise. The Causeway is pretty much the heart of Mumbai. Even after the terror attack, this shopping street stood up on its feet in no time. Apart from beautiful clothes and accessories, especially earrings, you can also find great discounts on home decor stuff such as lampshades and antiques. Colaba Causeway has many options for designer stuff as well. If you do feel like grabbing a bite and a beer, several restaurants offer great food and booze. Cafe Leopold and Cafe Mondegar are the best here!

Colaba Causeway lies close to the Fort area which is a business sector and the heart of the city since the British era. From roadside merchants to fascinating boutiques, the street sells everything you can think of shopping. Catch the old world movies charm at Regal Cinema. Behind Regal Cinema, the Causeway leads you to the Gateway of India overlooking the Arabian Sea. Here, the majestic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel dominates the city’s skyline. Colaba Causeway is the heart of Mumbai and it’s the liveliest you will ever see the city!

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